Preparing for an ELPIX Headshot


For guys: Unless you have really bad skin conditions, please have no make up on.   

For girls: Simple, clean make up is the key, choose your make-up artist carefully. 



Gel your hair lightly and we can add more during the shoot.  Please don’t come with excessive hair gel. 


Facial hair for guys:  

Although it is usually clearer and more professional to have no facial hair, it does sometimes helps with shaping the face, so if you grow facial hair, come with and don’t shave it before the shoot.  but bring your razor so we can clean you up during the shoot if needed. 



Bring as many outfit as you can for your chosen session, but not the same kind. For example,  bring a T shirt, a polo,  a button up shirt, a sweater, a jacket, a trench coat, suit etc. Bring clothes that makes you feel most confident. If you book the triple pack session, it is recommended to bring more than one outfit.



Ties, suspenders, pocket squares, these accessories will do fine , but subtlety is what we aim for in a professional headshot.  

Fancy jewellery usually does not go well with headshots, it can easily steal the focus.



I may not be a comedian, but I love interacting with people, I will do my job to make you feel most comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, you don’t need to be a professional model but a little bit of preparation will help make you feel more confident and make the shoot a lot smoother:) so make sure you practise a bit of smiling in front of a mirror before coming here, and watch some of Peter Hurley’s video on expressions too if you have the time.