ELPIX is short for Ethan Li Pictures, It was created in 2015.

It has been a great journey throughout the past few years working with all the great clients.  ELPIX isn't at all just about clicking the shutter, it is about never ending trainings and developments, as well as good communications and the ability to help clients to achieve what is best for them.  Here are some clients that I have worked with for the past 3 years: 



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About Me


Ethan Li, freelance photographer and videographer, focused on corporate portraits and commercial events. 

Dedicated to simplicity and originality, committed to continuous learning and improvement

I am a freelance photographer and videographer based in Sydney, Australia. I have worked as a full time photographer for almost 3 years. I mostly work with small businesses, agencies and professionals in all kinds of industries. 

Graduated from UTS with a Master degree in Business Marketing,  I tend to have a great passion for advertising and commercial photography. Like many other young professionals, I chose to become a business owner who has the ability to maintain greater control over my own service quality, and much better motivation at achieving greater goals.

To me, professional photography is never just about owning a great camera and snap with it, It requires a complicated work-flow from raw ideas to post-production edits in order to turn something ordinary into extraordinary, yet simple enough to solve clients problem efficiently and creatively. In the end it all comes down to people, I take great pleasure getting to meet and know new people, learning about their lives, passion. 

I love what I do behind the camera and If I don't make you look good, I won't look good.